Rambles with a Rant Mixed in

so I am feeling, better from the sickness when I remember to to take my medicine like I am supposed too. We are finally getting a little routine down, with Casey being here. I am glad he gets to spend this time with Ian and see how he is through out the day, just so he has an idea of what i go through. Even though I am happy with everything is, part of me can’t wait to have my days back. I love my husband but going on week 4 of being together nearly all day every day, is very stressful. We have friends that own a business and are together what seems like all the time. I could not do that, I don’t think Casey would want that either. The past few days, I have spent getting Ian’s room arranged to be more toddler friendly. We now have a bookshelf with cubes to make storing things easier. I mentioned in a previous post we don’t use his closet. I find it overwhelming when we do, none of his clothes are hung up so what would I use it for? Now it is used to store things he has outgrown and other things. The closet in all over apartment are huge and plentiful(that is one of the great things about living in older apartments). In the past week I we decided if possible we will be renewing our lease for at least 6 months when it is up. It might even be longer, we know that we eventually want to rent a home with a yard but why am I so unhappy with what we have. We have everything we need space wise and then some. I think part of it is I feel overwhelmed with belongings, we I have begun to purge things. This is a slow process, I have so many things that I haven’t touched in years but have held on too. It is time to let things go. Nothing is exempt from being purged everything from clothes to kitchen klutter is gone. I am tired of living in a home that looks like we are still right out of college(well Casey at least, I still have to finish). It doesn’t have to break the bank to look like we I care about were we live. I mean Lauren has given me two lamps that go with my vibe and pull my living room together. I need to get brave and re-stain the bench that sits right in my front door to match the wood tones going on in my living room. Then my living room would be finished except for curtains(more blocking light then decoration, but I want them to look good)and either some art or a mirror on one wall. That would be the first room we have ever finished. We have always been worried about other things then finishing our home, but after the last few weeks both Casey has realized how important taking care of your home really is. That is something I have been trying to get him to understand. Next room is the bedroom, I wish. All we need for it is a $200 dresser from ikea and art work for above the headboard. Since, we purchased a new bed last fall our first real step at making our bedroom an oasis. Which we need to finish, we all the recent stresses life as thrown at us, we need a place to retire to and unwind. I no one thing as soon as I can get him to help me move it the Tv in there is gone. Even though there is no cable in any room but the living room, I feel like it has bad JuJu just being in there. I think I have rambled long enough. I will leave you with a picture of me and my love, one perk of him being home is he helps gets things done.
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4 Replies to “Rambles with a Rant Mixed in”

  1. What I wouldn't give for closets!!! We have an old bungalow with no closets and it BLOWS! But really I'm just insecure and jealous and trying to make your blog all about me.But seriously folks. Good call on the toddler friendly. I need to get some of those cubes!


  2. PERKY TITS MCGEE! Your post was a total ramble! It was so hard to read. I need to give you that other lamp. OH! I found some cute artwork for Ian's bedroom. Remind me to give that to you too.


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