A couple a weeks ago I posted about making changes to your home when you don’t have any money to spend. Well as everyone knows Mother’s Daywas last weekend. Well Casey asked me what I wanted and for once he was surprised by the simplicity of my answer, all I wanted was a few picture frames for my photo wall. He told me that I had a budget of $20 and I could go pick a few out, he didn’t want to pick out the wrong ones. So the next day I ventured out to find a few frames with in my budget that I liked, first I hit up Dollar General(where I found 3 frames) and Target(where I found another 3 frames). I did go over budget by 2 dollars but Casey’s wasn’t upset by that. And I signed up with Snap Fish the week before and got 50 free prints so with those and my new frames, I had a great day figuring out what to hang up on my wall.
It isn’t finished, it might not ever be. Being that it is my favorite memories of our lives, and those will continue to be made. My only regret is that I forgot to print this picture.
I think it is my favorite picture of me and Ian, that has been taken.
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9 Replies to “Update”

  1. Cool wall! I love the picture you forgot to get printed too. The look on your baby's face as he stares at the camera is great!Stopping by from SITS! Welcome!Cheers :-)- CoconutPalmDesigns


  2. To Bianca;We rent, I just patch up the holes before we move. I can't not have anything on the walls.


  3. Looks like you've got some great memories there, Bobbi. Glad it worked out for you! I'm sure it wouldn't take much to print off that last picture and get one more frame.:-)


  4. I ♥ this!! I ♥ photography & take millions of photos. I am sad to say, I have barely any framed. Like 4. LOL True. I need to do this too!! Great job! :)(Look, I figured out the comments! LOL 🙂


  5. I love decorating with photos, too. You should definitely get that one of you and Ian up on that wall! 🙂


  6. That wall looks really good and it's so much fun! I love the picture that you didn't put up there. Ian is adorable!


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