I know if you read my Motherhood post this past Sunday, that you would realize the Gregory household was in a funk. We I woke up determined to make this week better, then the last. I know that we are in a stressful situation, but instead of letting that taking over and rule. I am determined to make the best of this, we are getting to spend time together we normally wouldn’t. Ian is getting to see his Daddy more then just a few hours a day. Casey gets to see that I do stuff during the day, not just sit around all day. We have had set backs this week, all of us have been feeling under the weather. So we have had our cranky moments, but they have been less then last week. Today was a rough day Ian and I had to be up and at an appointment by 10am and no being late to this one. We got there and he is in a mood, all day same mood poor guy between allergies and teething this guy isn’t getting any breaks this week. I haven’t been as patience with him as he needs since I too am battling my own illness(?), I think I am trying to get an sinus or ear infection (maybe even both). I have had a never ending headache and I want to pull my right ear off. Then Casey is battling the allergy demon too, but he is taking it better then I am. We will come through this stronger then when we started, part of being a family is taking stumbles and coming through stronger.
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