Please Help Me Get There

Thank you for considering my sponsorship opportunity!

As a devoted blogger and adventurous women. I love discovering, reviewing and sharing family and women oriented products with my readers. Conferences, such as those I’m seeking sponsorship for, not only offer me the opportunity to connect with other bloggers in the social media arena, but it also gives YOU the opportunity to have a dedicated brand representative eager to educate others and extend your reach.
Currently Seeking Sponsorship:

EVO 2010

I am seeking no more than 3 sponsors to fully fund this venture. My official sponsors would provide:

* Round-trip airfare from Dallas, Texas to Salt Lake City
* 3 nights at the hotel where the event is being held (all three days at $220, this includes a shared rental car and room)
* EVO ‘10 Event Ticket which can currently be purchased as a discount

I will cover all other accrued costs including food and clothing.

What is EVO?

At Evo’10, you’ll experience the evolution of the social web as it transforms right before your eyes. Learn ways to engage your audience, channel your authenticity, and develop your social media strategy. Evo’10 will explore the evolution of smart practices, including design, photography, public relations, community building, marketing, writing/content, and more with some of the best experts to help you evolve.

EVO ‘10 is being held from Thursday June 24th through Saturday June 26th in beautiful Park City, Utah.

For a $250 sponsorship I would provide:

* Above-the-Fold ad from now through June 30
* Two product/brand blog posts
* Twitter activity from now through event
* Facebook visability from now through event
* Distribution of literature or samples
* Constant shout-outs through EVO ‘10

For a $500 sponsorship I would provide the above as well as:

* “Sponsored by” designation in header
* Ad stays on site 120 days after event
* Will wear clothing promoting your brand for 1 full day of event

Of course any additional opportunities or ideas are welcome. I’m open to almost anything. Almost.

And if your company would like to be my SOLE sponsor the total conference cost would be $750. You would not only receive everything listed but all of my promotional attention focused on your brand.

How to make it happen
Please feel free to contact me via email at
Thank you again for your consideration! I look forward to showcasing your company!

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3 Replies to “Please Help Me Get There”

  1. I hope that you are able to go. Blogging conferences are awesome. :)Stopped by from SITS to say hi and welcome.


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