Back in the saddle again

Since losing Ryan Jane in March, we have been using disposable wipes and diapers. Partially because we had a battle with Strep on Ian’s tush, that was rough but that got cleared up and we got the free and clear to go back to cloth diapers from the doctor. I still wasn’t ready emotionally for all the work that cloth diapering takes, plus the fact that we use cloth wipes, yes I made that transition right around Ian’s birthday. I hadn’t blogged about it yet, I was still getting the hang of it when all this started.
So as of last week we ran out of wipes and we started using cloth wipes again, not in the traditional way. I gathered them all up after I stripped all of my diapers (again), since the start of all this I have stripped them twice previously. Right now we have them gathered in a basket in the bathroom off of Ian’s room and we wet them in the faucet when needed. I have a wipe warmer, for cloth wipes but I haven’t found a solution that I like(Any Ideas). A couple a weeks ago I tried a cloth diaper on him but when I took it off his all diaper was bright red, so I decided to stick with sposies till I could figure out what caused that. So I stripped them again but this time just with old style dawn dish washing detergent and I am go back to the soap I used before all this tush trouble started. I was so upset that the cloth diaper detergent I bought didn’t get his diapers clean enough or just irritated his skin. So the long drawn out point of this post is that we are back in the cloth diaper saddle again. It might not be every diaper of every day (as of right now) but I have to start somewhere. So wish me luck as I dive back in after an extended break.
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2 Replies to “Back in the saddle again”

  1. My wipes solution:8 drops tea tree oila squirt (maybe 2 tbsp?) Dr. Bronner's Peppermint Castille Soap (get it at Target it is the one with all the writing on the bottle)and sometimes I add a squirt of aloe vera gelto about 4 cups hot waterI dunk the wipes in it and then roll them up, wring them out, and put them in the wipes warmer. I do NOT pour extra solution into the warmer – the last time I did that it caused mold issues. If the wipes are moist when you put them in, they'll stay moist.


  2. I find that I'm more willing to cloth diaper if it isn't all or nothing. Sometimes, all the diapers are in the wash, and I grab a disposable, or we're going to be gone all day and I don't want to mess with it… I think for me, if I'm more flexible with it then it is less pressure on me and it is more something I *want* to do… because I do love it! And those cute fluffy butts… 😉


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