It is Monday and time for all those unorganized thoughts, that aren’t enough to be blog post by them selves to have a Potluck Party. Potluck is the brain child of TexasHolly of June cleaver Nirvana.
Last week here in the Gregory household, was a mash of overwhelming moments and happy moments. I need to remember that all these moments that we are living are all special even the ones where I want to pull out my hair. So now on to the Potluck.

Job Hunt 2010How is the great job hunt 2010 going? Still nothing is looking promising, more resumes has been submitted. HE had one call last week that sounded promising and then quickly went the route of we don’t have anything right now, but we love your resume please call us back in a month. So please keep praying for us about the great job hunt 2010.

HideWhat did the Toddler thief hide this week? Through out the week Ian is always up to mischief and mayhem but his greatest joy seems to be hiding things from me. Things that have disappeared my phone(still hasn’t been located), Keys(still hasn’t been located), Wallet(found), various pieces of jewelry(some have been located). These are just the things I have noticed.

Trouble Last week Lauren and I had a big adventure out with no babies to see the Deftones. Sadly cause of this our baby bff’s did not get to hang with each other. Also thanks to Lauren my blog has a new improved look, we are still working out the kinks but it is getting there.

What random item did I find in my purse this week when I was out and about, I found an unopened container of puffs when I was out running errands with out my toddle thief in tow. I am not even sure how they got there.

Well I am all out of ideas at the moment.

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6 Replies to “Potluck”

  1. Awesome. I love what you guys are doing on the blog re-decoration. So great you got out on the town sans babies too.I love that he is already playing hide and go seek.Thanks so much for playing along!


  2. whew. i'm thinking the what did i find in my purse while out and about thing could be trouble. especially with a thieving toddler who likes to hide his booty hanging around!


  3. Definitely will continue praying about the job hunt. I always find some weird random thing shoved in my purse every now and then. lol


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