I am feeling overwhelmed with life in general right now and don’t feel like that I can make a great post about the joy’s of it all on Mother’s Day. I know that I am grateful for Ian and his health. Life though has a way of making those things you know you should be grateful, seem small. I love being a mother and wife, I hope they love me even when I have days like today where I am an absolute pain in the ass. Instead of letting spending the day with them like I should have after lunch when Ian went down for his nap, I took one too but about twice the length of his. When I woke up the fight of the week happened, because during my nap Ian hid my phone that powers off unless plugged in so I can’t find it. That may have started the fight but it escalated quickly, my poor husband is a great man and I have been a nag recently. We are all overwhelmed going on our 3rd week of being together all the time, it is a lot to get used to. Especially when you know once you get used to it and a new routine down, it will end because Casey being laid off is only temporary. I ask that you my readers keep reminding me of this when I get overwhelmed by all of this, please remind me to enjoy it instead of wallowing in the bad. Being a Mother is try to remember to enjoy it all, cause it all fly’s by too fast. One morning I will wake up and it will have all passed me by.
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4 Replies to “Motherhood”

  1. Everything you are writing about is so natural and truthful. Remember: This, too, shall pass. You have worked through much in the past years, you have the inner strength to continue to work through. Two words: Steel MagnoliasLoneStarLiferPaula


  2. Ohhhh yes I get this one! I was just feeling yesterday how GEEZE I wonder what these kids think of me, this mother they are celebrating and I'm all snippy and want to have my time to myself. I told them several times yesterday IT'S MOTHER'S DAY! Do not make Mommy upset.I felt so guilty and vowed to be better starting today. Like always.Steph


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