18 years and still going

Ever since that fall in 1992 when she walked in to Mrs. McConnell’s class and Bean and I fought over giving her a tour of the school we been friends. Lou is Ian Godmother, my partner in crime in high school and college, and now that friend that you know will always be there.
We have been through a lot in all these years, I think if you ask her what she will never forget there are a few stories that come to mind. Driving up literally seconds after my first car accident, I hadn’t even turned on the flashers yet. I remember as I opened the car door to get out hearing Thank God she isn’t hurt from Suzanne and Laura squealing. Before I could get the door open though I remember Suzanne telling Lou to go check on me and Lou saying no I am afraid she will be dead. Hence now once I leave their house I still have call when I get where I am going. Then there is the time she slept in the Trauma ICU waiting room after my 3rd and worst wreck. Or the numerous trips she made with me and my mom to the the ER when I hurt myself (in jr. high and high school).
I have a few favorite memories of Lou, but I think the best is the time she broke her arm at my house and while my mom was on the phone with her mom asking which hospital she wanted her taken too. She was upset we weren’t doing anything and started screaming Call the cops, Call an ambulance, Call Someone Who Cares. The next part is very mean but all my mom, her mom and I could do was laugh. Then there is the night after my 21st birthday where I was still hungover and in Casey’s bed while she went to a party down the street. She tried to fight with a girl 3 times her size to defend me and then after getting drug away from the party came and and told me to smell her upper lift cause she took a shot off the shot block(Sorry Suzanne butt at least in her state she remembered to defend me).
So I can’t see what the future holds for our friendship, I hope that our babies grow up being good friends.

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  1. Btw, I'm LOVING how much easier it is to leave a comment on your blog. And its lookin' great!


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