One Night Only

Lauren introduced me to the music of the Deftones, last Tuesday night by taking me to their show at Tree’s in Dallas. I got overwhelmed by the way they packed the club like we are sardines and ended up hanging on the fire escape steps by the merch. table. The merch. workers were hilarious they kept me entertained when the screaming that they call music was overwhelming. Funny thing is when I listen to their music on CD, I liked it but live it isn’t much like music (sorry Lauren).
One night with the Deftones
After the show Lauren introduced me to the idea of sitting around to meet the band. I had never done that before, after what seemed like forever we finally saw someone and even got our picture taken with them. The most frustrating part of the night was the fact that they said doors opened at 7 when in reality they didn’t open till 9. So we got there at 6, when at 8 they doors still hadn’t open we got out of line(more like a large cluster) to go to the bathroom next door at the pizza place. Which btw had amazing pizza, we ate too we had time to kill. All in all it was a great night.
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