When you have Zero Dollars

This is not a whine about what is going on in my life. This is a post about working with what you have. We moved into this apartment in October of 2009, most of the time when we move into a new place, I quickly get it decorated. I don’t know what it was this time but I didn’t get that done. I mean I didn’t just do nothing but, I didn’t put my heart into. I have been staring at these 2 large blank walls in my living room, they need something but I had no clue where to start. Then today I woke up with inspiration on how to conquer one of the walls. So after a couple of hours of digging through boxes everything I needed was located. I can’t forget to mention that part of the inspiration was brought on by Lauren and the awesome lamp shade and lamp she gave me yesterday that no longer go with her home. So when you have a budget of Zero but need to make changes, look around at what you have that you aren’t using and see if it can fit your needs.
I already had the bench/table I got it out of my mom’s storage unit, she used it as a coffee table(perfect height and width) to not overwhelm a small living room. We use it right in our front door, to sit my bag when I come in. The lamp is mentioned above, but Thanks again Lauren.
I love pictures of friends and family, I prefer snapshots to professional studio portraits, and I maybe obsessed with photo booths. Nothing I wrote about today cost me anything but some of my time.
So as you can tell I love the feeling of lived, shabby chic. So any ideas on low budget toddler room ideas? Cause right now all he has is furniture and an I and G hanging above his bed. I need help in there bad.

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2 Replies to “When you have Zero Dollars”

  1. Hey Bobbi! I was thinking about what you could do to your son's room that is cheap, or cost nothing. You can find some old construction paper(or just plain paper and markers) and tape, and make shapes, cut out letters, numbers and tape them to the wall.You can even draw pictures and hang them up. You probably don't want to put them where he can tear them down right now, since he might eat them. It would serve as a good teaching tool. For my daughter's room, I decided to not go the commercial route and save a lot of money by making my own decorations. My family thought it was odd, but when they saw the results, everyone loved it. I simply went to michael's or hobby lobby, and got these little wood things that are made into animals, and bugs, and different things like that. Then get a plain base of flat wood, paints and paint brushes and glue. I painted the board, then glued the pieces, and then wrote the name of it. I also got some velcro to post them on the wall so that we could take them down and sing songs and teach the words of the animal or thing that was on the board.I was able to decorate my daughter's room with less than $40 and she still loves them to this day. In fact, we do a rhyme every night before she goes to bed that lets her know it's time to turn off the light and say good night. She also loves the letter cut outs that I did, and we sing the ABC's everyday and that is actually one of her favorite songs.I'll let you know if I come up with any other ideas.


  2. You could also let him color or draw on paper and frame them in groupings. I have been planning on doing this for some time. I have heard that kids love having their own art displayed and that would be something you could update regularly. You would just have to purchase frames if you didn't have some already.


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