Franklin Street

If you have ever read my 100 things post you might remember I said I miss the street Casey and I first lived on together. I miss some of our best friends being right there. The house we lived in with 3 other guys and only one bathroom not at all, I can’t believe they rented it out after we moved out. It should be torn down.I miss having Nintendo, Hippie, Snookems, Tweak, JonJon, Kat, Zane, JP and Flop to hang out with at a moments notice. Not having to lock your doors because people were always in your home, they may no be your roommates but someone was there. That street was were FootFoot was a puppy and enjoyed constant attention if she was in her crate and someone came in most would take her outside and then play with her. Gone are the days of walking next door to have dinner with friends. Sunday morning breakfasts at the kettle. Dinner at Martin’s at least once a week but never Monday (there closed on Monday’s). I miss not having to schedule hanging out with your good friends at least a week in advance.
Franklin Street

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