Flashback Friday

We will call it the young, dumb and in love edition.
Flashback Friday 4.30.10

December 2006, Casey graduates and gets his first post college job. We had a month to find a place to rent and we had FootFoot to think about. So we were determined to rent a place with a yard. Well not knowing about Realtor.com, I used Google and came across a Realtor finally that houses in our budget and could take us to numerous ones on the one day we could go look. Once we made our decision, dotted our I’s and crossed our T’s. We were set to move in 3 weeks, so let the packing commence. There was two things I was totally excited about, the kitchen and the master bath (that had a closet the size of a small bedroom).

Flashback Friday 4.30.10Flashback Friday 4.30.10
Sadly though we didn’t budget for the higher expense that come with renting a home and at the end of the first year we had to move. One thing for certain I hate apartment living.I miss having an open kitchen and garden tub. Now we know what expenses come with renting a home and can;t wait to try our hand at it again this fall or maybe sooner depending on where Casey gets his next job.
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