It was like I was back in College.

Well add in a toddler and husband. Friday started off like any day might except Casey is home since at the moment he is jobless. He got up with Ian and played with him at let me sleep in, that was so sweet. Then I got up and got dressed to go hang out with Lolly and Avery. We met up at Stonebrair so that the kids could play but they close down everyday at 2pm to sanitize the kids area. After feeding Ian his lunch that I packed, we headed over to Lolly’s to let the monsters run around outside. Well they did more then that Lolly broke out the Elmo water mat, which neither baby was sure of at first.

  After some time fun time outside, we threw them in the tub. After everyone was scrubbed, Ian and I headed off to see his Godfather who had to have emergency surgery last week. After an interesting visit with them I decided that since we were only like 45 minutes from Boyd, I might as well head to my Daddy’s. Well Ian and I arrived late enough to have a late super and put Ian to bed. Luckily we keep a Pack and Play at Nonnie and Pop’s house. So the next morning my plans were to get up bright and early and head back home since I was going to Chelsea Handler with some good friends that night. Well me being me that isn’t what happened, we end staying till after lunch and Ian having some much needed outside time.

   Well after getting on the road way to late, Ian and I  hit a major snafu on 114 right inside of Grapevine. We sat in the same place for 45 minutes. Once we finally got on 635 we were then stopped again by two more wrecks. So once I finally got home I had 20 minutes to get showered dressed and out the door to get to the concert on time. Somehow I manage to pull it all together and meet Kat and Kari there. Chelsea’s opener was more funny then she was her’s went from funny to raunch most of the show. After the show we  drove around for like a half an hour trying to find something to eat, once finding something I realized I was to tired to drive anymore and let Kat drive me back to Kari’s to crash on the floor. Somehow while laying on the floor talking to my girls, True Blood got brought up and we watched the first episode and I was trapped. I love the show so much that I spent most of Sunday on Kari’s floor watching the first season. After I finished season 1 of True blood and hanging out with Kari. I got up to go home and as I was walking out her apartment, I fell of the curb and sprained my ankle. I couldn’t get up and walk it off nor could I wiggle my toes, so off to the ER we went.

 Thanks to great friends Kari and Ryan who took me to the ER and waited with me to find out I had just sprained it. And needed to take it easy and rest it for a few days.

 They then drove me back home since they had given me a shot of morphine and there was no way I could drive. I got home hugged Casey and then promptly fell asleep for the next 14 hours. 

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