When does the lasanga hit me in the face?


Last week I Twittered that Gabe, Ian and I were at the park. Well that was a great day. Today not so much, Ian hasn’t had a wet diaper other then one this morning since Saturday evening. So we are off to the doctor again, Ian hasn’t been acting any different just not peeing. Then we woke up to the third day of Grey skies, seriously mother nature take some midol. I need some sunshine. Casey’s last day is Thursday the same day as Ian’s 15 month check up, that means we will have been to the doctor three time in one week. Tension is high in our house, between me and my hubs the recent events in the past few weeks has taken it toll. I can’t remember the last time we made time for us. We need a night away from life, and it’s realities nights like that cost money even if it is just to take Ian to my parents to get the night. I am so over all this, I feel like Garfield on Monday’s. Oh I forgot the best part of all this on my way home from Church Yesterday evening and got rear ended.

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