I am either Late or Early

I am stealing potluck from Texas Holly of June Cleaver Nirvana, which she post on Mondays. Well in the past 10 days I have had lots of little thoughts but none that seem worthy of a complete post. I mean with everything going on I am more scattered then ever and I am scattered all the time.  

  •  We went back on BC to prevent any accidents as I am in no way ready to be pregnant again. 
  • While there they are changing my happy pills, well I am on a combination of drugs while weaning myself of of my old meds, but on this combination I  feel the best I have felt in years. (Should I contact my doctor about maybe staying on both?)
  • I forgot how much I liked 30 Seconds to Mars music until one of there songs came up on my Ipod. 
  • I am scared about what the next chapter holds for us with Casey’s time coming to a close at his current job. 
  • I feel that our time in Dallas might be coming to a close. We have been up here since 2006 and with this last layoff we have opened our hearts to the option of relocation. 
  • I am so upset with Ian’s High Chair, I set him in it to eat his lunch the other day and the back broke in half. So if shopping don’t buy the Eddie Bauer high chair from Target, we have had problems with it since we bought it. 
  • So now I am trolling Craigslist and Resale Shops for one that is clean, in good shape. So please keep your eyes open for me. 

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