In as many years.

Pink Slip

Yep, Casey has received 3 of these in as many years. This economy is kicking our ass, when do we get a break. It isn’t as if he works in an unstable field, he is a civil engineer, we are always working on projects related to this.

Seriously when do we get a break, every time I feel as our life is beginning to stabilize. Something happens, when do we get to relax for a moment and enjoy. I was just beginning to heal from the Hell of last month. Casey and I were beginning to start working on recovering our marriage, now we have to pull through this. These things are not easy on anyone, especially when coupled with numerous other road blocks.

Right now we are in a state of shock. We ask that you please keep us in your prayer. In an unrelated note this all happens right as I am giving my life back to God, and decide to no longer fight is plan for me and my family. Interesting timing my heart is softening but my head is filled with so much rage hasn’t he tested me enough. When does he let me start to heal from all struggles of my past, my car wreck at 17 that but me in a wheel chair at 17. Then 6 weeks later taking a friend in a car wreck so very similar to mine. Never once at that time did I question his plan or get angry. The next year when he took another friend to soon I never questioned. When he led me to move away from home and venture away from all I ever new I listened and moved. Then 2 years later when he took my beloved cousin Rusty, I started to question I turned my back to him(I never renounced my faith but I didn’t listen to his plan for me). During that time he gave me a beautiful health baby boy. Now as I am opening my heart back up to him he tests me, why?

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