Birthday Fail

So today is my 25th Birthday, maybe I have always had good birthdays. Today though was straight out of Sixteen Candles. My mom was all about Easter for the past month, she never once mentioned it was my birthday. She showed up with an Easter basket for Ian, but didn’t even say happy birthday when she saw me.
Yes people I understand the importance of Easter, but seriously I am her only child and all she can talk about is Easter. I only turn 25 once, my birthday is only once a year. I am sorry if this day matters to me. It isn’t just my birthday that is a big thing to me, I take all birthdays serious. If you are my friend are family your birthday is all about you. So I am sorry if I like my special day to at least acknowledged. I am sorry if you think that is selfish that I want the day to be about me, but seriously ignoring it doesn’t make me feel very good about myself.

I am not even going to mention the hateful things she said to me when she got mad at me. Well wait I will add this one gem, she threatened to take Ian away from me(yeah right).

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