FlashBack Friday

Flashback Friday Apr 2, 2010
I don’t know if you all know that my 25 birthday is on this coming Sunday(yes Easter). So I am going to flashback to my 21st birthday, birthday is the theme of the week. In the above shot I am taking a shot with JonJon as we share the same birthday, on our actual birthday we had a few drinks to celebrate. That weekend is when the real celebration of me turning 21 happened and that was a night for me to forget/remember.
FlashBack Friday Apr 2, 2010
In the above pictures I am dancing against my BFF from growing up LOU and she is not very happy with me as I had been doing that all night. The next photo I made come over after his shift in the coffee house attached to Sbisa (he didn’t get off till 12 am), and he is anti touching so of course I ran and jumped in his arms. Lastly Baby ended up in the corner, they did that to me to keep me from getting kicked out of the bar for being DRUNK. I may not remember the details clearly but I do remember being surrounded by those who I love and love me. Hopefully my 25 will be the same.

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