Toddler Thief-Update

Last week I mention that our house has been taken over by a thief. Well the next morning he came up to me while I was sitting on the couch and hands me my glasses back. I guess he thought mama might need these. Still no luck with the wedding ring, which I know for sure he took. I know it is my fault he got a hold of it. Casey is quiet upset at me for losing it, well I then kindly remind him he permanently lost his once will walking FootFoot. Yes he lost his wedding band after we had only been married around 3 months and we have never replaced it, the ring isn’t as important as the words we said to each other. You might also recall that I blamed the thief of stilling my camera, well it was found shoved way in the couch cushions. It could have been him or it could have been me editing pictures on the couch and then it falling in the cushions. So I need to start looking around before I automatically blame Ian. Though 75% of the time if I asking where something is he brings it to me, so what do you think?

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