FlashBack Friday

Gone are the days where Friday night meant setting around with friends enjoying your drink of choice, where you quiet content to sit there with these friends and do nothing. Well nothing until a certain friend decides at 10pm they want to get their tongue pierced, then one of your roommates who I might mention is a dirty hippie(I say that lovingly) decides he wants a prince albert(which he chickened out and didn’t get once we got to the tattoo studio), and in the chaos I decide to get something pierced too. I am going to let you guess what I got pierced.
FlashBack Friday 3/26/10 I am going to say some drinking had been happening when the decision to go was made but everyone still had their wits about them. Not saying after leaving that more drinking didn’t happen, there might have been a trip to the local store (that would embarrass your grandma if she knew you went in their).
Flashback Friday 3/26/10

The funny part about that whole night was when we say the guy who got his tongue pierced had taken it out. He said it hurt, well duh dude. I am happy to say I am still rocking my piercing from that night, so Casey’s money was not wasted. Man I miss the days of late night hanging with friends that all lived in the same town. Before the days of real jobs,schedules that have to be checked before plans can be made and a late night that is midnight now a days.Flashback Friday 3/26/10
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When I first started doing Flashback Friday a few weeks ago I wasn’t sure if I was going to do it regularly, but in the past few days I feel in love with the idea behind it. Through a blog post a week, I can give you a glimpse of the actions, living, and choices that make me the Bobbi Janay that you see today. I hope you enjoy the Flashbacks as much as I do.

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