The Toddler Thief

In the past few weeks, I have noticed small things disappearing around our place. Then in the last week my wedding ring, my camera, and lastly my glasses have disappeared. I thought I was misplacing these items, until today when I but my glasses down to snuggle with my loving little toddler. Well he got down after I dozed off for a second (Casey was home from work), and when I woke up like 10 minutes later reached to get my glasses, but they were gone. My house has been taken over by toddler thief.  Now I ask my readers, where should I look for my little thief’s loot? Mostly I would like to find my wedding ring, I know that it is my own fault for leaving it where the toddler thief could reach and find it. Wish me luck as I go on a hunt for my missing goods.

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