FlashBack Friday

Good Friends Good Times
Today I will be flashing back to 2007 and a fun outdoor concert with a childhood friend we will call him Cake(name will be changed once permission is granted to use it) it was part of his nick name in high school. Cake and I have a love of Texas Country music, well every spring 95.9 The Ranch puts on a free concert series. Well after bugging me for weeks to drive from McKinney to Ft. Worth, I caved and went to go see Casey Donahew and No Justice. Well I was impressed with the music and hanging out with a good friend. Meeting Casey Donahew was also super cool.
Casey Donahew
The day was going along great, I got see a good friend here good music and spend some time in Ft. Worth (man I miss that town). The day did not end so well, remember the summer of 2007 here in N. Texas was the summer of rain, rain and more rain. Well driving home it started pouring down rain while I was on 75 northbound, I was almost home when a 16 year old hydroplaned and took out Bob2. Bob2 was my 89′ Honda Accord. Man I miss that car, it was the very first car I ever owned outright.
Stupid Drivers
No that I look back on that day it started out great and ended with a phone call to a sleeping husband. Who when I told I had an accident first question wasn’t was are ok, was are you drunk? I was like no I had one beer like 4 hours ago. When I called my friend later that night to tell him what happened and to tell I was finally home(it is thing with my friends and I call when you get where you are going, the story behind it is it’s on post), was like I was worried that had happened. I wouldn’t change anything about that day or time in my life I was a newlywed, happy and enjoying life(I am not going to lie I was looking good too, man I have gotten fat). Catch you next week and what’s your flashback?

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