Never Alone

Since I was 17 my biggest fear was ending up alone, no not in the sense of with out a man. This is the fear of being with out the ones I love, my friends and family (which in my mind are one in the same). My family is some of my best friends and my friends might as well be family.

As the years have passed and I lost some of the ones I love, I have had to face this fear. In those moments I realized that the greatest gift anyone ever is given is those you love. As these moments happen I am saddened by the loss, because a piece of me is going with them. Not only are they taking a piece of me with them, but I losing someone who enriches my life.

The love, laughs, triumphs, and trials we shared helped shape me into the women I am today. I am grateful for every moment spent with them, some I lost because of my own mistakes, some for reasons I will never know, and some have left this earth. Each one has left a mark on my heart and as I have gotten older no matter what happens, I will never be alone. For that I am grateful because for all those I love and have ever loved make my life great.

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The above post is my entry for the Mabel’s Labels BlogHer ’10 Contest.

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