Weekend in Wonderland


Man this weekend flew by and for once I am grateful that. Normally we sit around and I beg Casey to do something. He is very much a homebody were on the other hand am a very social. I love spending time with friends and family, in my humble opinion if you are one of my friends you are my family.

It started out with hanging out with friends that Ian and I love. It ended with a day spent with my husband and son at a wonderful park. In between was a weekend full of making memories. Dinner with one of mine and Casey’s old roommate and his girlfriend. That was a fun night that, I drank a little bit too much vanilla vodka, said some really dumb things, but the night as hole was much needed. Thanks to a loving husband I woke up sans hangover, he made sure I drank a ton of water before I went to bed. An adventure with Lauren and Avery to the Dallas Family Expo, it was a great to see and learn about lots of family friendly companies. I am so glad I finally found a Tupperware sales rep, there are some things they make that I have been wanting for along time. A random trip to Target after a meal at Freebirds. All those things add up to an amazing weekend.

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