FlashBack Friday

Always when I look back at the photos from ChiliFest 2006, I get a smile on my face. That was the second year I attended that particular music festival, so I was way more prepared then the year before. That explains the cowboy boots with shorts it can get so hot but don’t look down what you are walking in. That was the year Casey and I attended together, (the year before I still thought of Casey as Smitty’s drunken idiot friend). Well how a year can change things, I was literally 3 days from turning 21 when that picture was taken. So surprisingly I didn’t drink much that year I was too scared of getting caught. I enjoyed the music, time with friends and be young, dumb and stupid.

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Flashback Friday Button
I decided long ago that if and when I do photo memes, I will only do one a week. This week You Capture theme was not very fitting as in these moments quiet hurts. So when not doing You Capture, I will now be participating in Flash Back Friday. When I do it at all.

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