Name Game

I was given some advice from a childhood friend’s mama about healing from my our lost. She said that naming the baby and keeping something to remember are things she wishes she would have done. At first when facebook chatting with this friend I was a bit scared of the idea, but with time I realized her words were true. So then much thought went into what name would we give our angel.

While were thinking of a name, I went on a hunt for something to remember. First stop Etsy, I knew I would find what I was looking for(not that I knew what that was). After hours and hours of searching and being overwhelmed with the options. I finally choose two necklaces, I couldn’t decide between the two(Casey said get both one was more fancy then the other). So I think I have rambled on enough, I would add a sono picture but I accidentally left the only one I had where we say the heartbeat at the dr’s office. So instead I will, show necklaces with the name.


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