The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow?

Since Saturday the skies have been dark and grey, what the hell mother nature? Aren’t you putting me through enough right now, I need sunshine to heal. I am proud of myself, I went to a large consignment sale in the area on Sunday full of pregnant women of all stages and did not have a melt down. I did have a few thoughts of jealousy, but did not cry. I was given some advice by a childhood friends mom who went through the same, she said I should name the baby. I am unsure of this, I was only 12 weeks. What would you do?
Otherwise last weekend was uneventful I spent the weekend with my boys. I am so grateful that I have a loving husband and son. Today Ian came up and gave me hug while saying I love you just when I was feeling my lowest. He is like a little ray of sunshine. Casey has also been a great support, I am so lucky that he has been here to pick up the little pieces. I know that there is more to life then the overwhelming feeling of grief and with every passing day it becomes a little more manageable, one day in the hopefully near future I will wake up and not want to cry (maybe even I will post something that isn’t be being sad).

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