Thankful Through The Darkness

This morning I woke up to grey skies and an even darker mood. I am lucky to have a husband who is willing to get up with Ian in the morning. I laid in bed this morning till I made myself get out of bed. I know that there will be days like today where I want to do no more then lay in bed all day cry and sleep. Instead I got up showered and lived life, I laughed at my sons antics, got annoyed with my husband, and then was easily swayed for a hug in trade for a Sonic drink. I can’t let the darkness suck me in as much as some moments I would like too. I can not let my email sit there unanswered anymore, the laundry sit in piles untouched, let the phone go to voicemail those are life moments that are passing me by; while I am swimming in grief life keeps going so I must dive in. Readers I ask for your thoughts and prayers still, I need them for the strength to face today, when I can’t even think about tomorrow.

While I have everyone’s attention I would like to those who have donated, prayed, brought us meals, ans so on. None of that has gone unnoticed, I might not at the time said how grateful I am for all that you were doing but I was and still am. I m going to try and email, write and give hugs of thanks to all of you; but I am only human so if I miss you it wasn’t on purpose.

Flowers sent by The Bradford’s, they brightened my day.

Fruit Flowers
Edible Arrangement from a Loving Group of Friends

Cookie’s from Casey’s office (hint if ever sent one let them set out all night they taste better stale).

I also want to thank all ladies for the the advice, support and reminding me I am not alone. I hope someday that I can repay you all for what you have given me. I forgot to mention that my Daddy even noticed and said something about how lucky I am to have met some many amazingly awesome people through blogging, twitter, etc. So again Thank You.

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