My Daddy drove here today to spend the day with Ian and I, he was telling me as he read yesterday’s post he wondered if coming was what I needed. Then he got to the bottom and realized that he needs to visit more often, the time is flying so quickly Ian changes with every blink of the eye.
My home was full of love and laughter today, my heart was full of joy and for a moment all the sorrow of the past week was forgotten.
My family has always been my rock growing up and still today. My heart and soul is always full of joy when around them even in moments of sorrow.
Tickle Monster
I know that the way I felt today, will become how I feel most days. I am ready for the morning that wake up and feel hope instead of sorrow. I know that time is part of the healing process, the feelings that I am feeling now are not bad or wrong. That I have come to realize, I need to work through them and that takes time and a hug.
Thanks Daddy for taking the time to come and visit today. Sorry about the H3 hitting your car on the way home, luckily it was just their and a little dent. We have had enough happen to this family this week. Don’t wait till hell freezes over to come visit next time.For the rest of the pictures from today.

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