I woke up today praying it had all been a dream, I knew with my heart it wasn’t. We lost the baby. What is so ironic about all this is I have been wanting weather that let me go outside and enjoy myself. Well that is what I got today but I wasn’t in a mood to enjoy it. I got up though put on my big girl panties and went outside. I was going to enjoy this gift while it last.
Last night was one of the worse nights of my life, not only did I get bad news but because of Baylor’s unusually policy’s I found out alone. I dealt with so much last night from bad news, to an unprofessional tech. (I won’t go into the details here do to spam possibilities, if you want to know feel free to email me). I left the hospital more thankful then I have ever been how easy everything went getting Ian here healthy.
The worst is yet to come, all we were told last night is that we would find out more on Monday with an OB. Since my cervix was not open and the bleeding has lessened today. I will be told what is going to happen, I am unsure of what is to come. All I ask is for your thoughts and prayers, we will need them not just today but for the coming weeks. Please don’t forget about us as tomorrow dawns, I have never been so thankful for the friendships I have forged through blogging and twitter. Thank you all, my family is greatful for all of you.

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