So Much, Yet So Little

I sat down in front of my computer to write a gushy post about the Mom 2.0 Summit, but life got in the way. Casey informed me that he needed Ian’s birth certificate by Friday, for our health insurance. He then got upset when I told him that I wasn’t going to the government office to get it, the last time Ian and I adventured into a government office it was horrible. We waited for over an hour in the cramped SSA office, where he couldn’t have a snack or his cup, the security office would get on to us every time we tried. I said he could take a long lunch and go get it, he then told me that I needed to start doing more around here, that taking care of Ian is not enough. I will state that this was not a full out argument more of a tiff, but still it hurts me that he thinks so little of me caring for our child. He then went to bed and I proceed to have an anxiety attack. I understand that he feels that he works and brings home the bacon, but why should I have to brave the slippery slope of a government office with a toddler because he works all day. I know he needs to vent his frustrations but seriously his anxiety prone hormonal pregnant wife needs him to be a little more aware of his off the cuff remarks. When I tell him this he says I know how he is, I can deal with it. So please ladies give me advice on how to not let my hormones and anxiety take over, when Casey is being Casey.

Snowy Steps

Sidenote: Casey is an amazing Father and Husband, he has off moments just like everyone, I needed to vent and this is my place to do it. I was serious about the advice part, so please help a girl out (Don’t try to down play my anxiety as me overreacting it is real. That means you Daddy.)

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