Snark, Love, and Pseudo Celebrities

Do to the misfortune of one sweet stranger, I was able to attend the Mom 2.0 Summit with Lauren. I went to Houston not knowing what to expect, a little scared, and a lot of butterflies( did I mention this was my first large blogging event).

With everything coming together at the last minute, we drove down to Houston with our 2 little monsters.

Who behaved surprising well in the car and at the conference. Ian and Avery tended to steal the show wherever they went.

Enough about the monsters, what did I learn and who did I meet is what you really want to know. I learned so much that it will be hard to write it all down. So instead I will give you some highlights. Now remember every person will have walked away with different lessons from Mom 2.0. I took away some great lessons, Clearing the clutter in every way will help me in all aspects of life, that being the type of mom I feel is best for my family doesn’t make me a bad mother, and when I over process what I am putting out there it is obvious; let it come from my heart it will be more powerful. Those are just the highlights of what I learned.

Catherine, Me, Tanis
Now who I met that was just as overwhelming to me, I met some ladies that I have been stalking online for quite a while now. At the Mad Men Party Thursday Night, I had a moment when I first saw Rebecca Woolf, I was scared to go up and introduce myself. Not 5 minutes before I had that moment, I totally asked Tanis Miller to take a picture of Lauren and I without realizing who I was asking till I made a compete idiot of myself by going your The Redneck Mommy! That wasn’t the last time I made an idiot of myself this last weekend. Then there was the time I accosted  Heather at the front desk while she was looking for a place to go to dinner, but she was so sweet and posed with em for a picture. I met so many great women that I can’t list them all. Be sure to check out my pictures for just a handful of the lovely ladies I met, I got overwhelmed and didn’t take enough pictures.

Now someday I will meet the great Jennui who made this all possible.  I know that I met lots of lovely ladies, made contacts with a few great companies and had a weekend full of Snark, lots of Love and sightings of women who are celebrities to me.

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