Sweet Strangers

I'm Attending<br>The Mom 2.0 Summit

      I was on Twitter last night when I saw a fellow blogger Jennui, who lives in Canada  was not going to be able to attend the Mom 2.0 Summit in Houston, Texas; due to so unfortunate timing of United Airlines. Inquiring minds wanted to know what she was going to do with her unused ticket (ok I asked if I could have it, tact is something I lack when I really really want something, yes I know my parents raised me better). Well almost 15 hours went by and I heard nothing so I let it go, it was kinda rude of me to ask point blank. Then I got a tweet that changed my day to contact them to transfer her pass to my name.  After an hour of panicking try every contact I had trying to get a hold of the conference organizers, I got the email that they needed my info for the transfer.
     Thanks for sticking through all the rambling, there is a point. That the kindness that a stranger gave me today, she doesn’t know how she really impacted me. When you look at the calender for this year this is the only conference I would be able to attend with the pregnancy and then delivery of The Bug. This will be my first conference and all the excitement that it brings. Her kindness to someone she has never met before, she made my year (other then The Bug’s birth). As a SAHM of a one car family, I don’t get out like I am used to. I am a social butterfly who loves to meet new people and this experience will  hopefully help me get through the rest of the winter (I hate winter). I hope that in future I can pay forward this strangers act of kindness to someone  I don’t know.  So please go check out Jennui site and find out what an awesome lady she is.

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