May have noticed

I have been kinda quiet over here as of recent well the first trimester exhaustion is kicking my butt. I take a nap nearly every time he goes down which is normally when I blog and comment on other blogs. Then add to the top of all I have had my body become a snot factory this week. I need a week where no one is sick and nothing big is going to happen, so basically when hell freezes over. So until I can breathe again, wake up with out my throat feeling like it is on fire. Then there is the tumble down the stairs I took last week while seeing Avatar, my body is still sore from that (the bug is still safe in sound). I can’t wait till this weekend is over so the Ian’s birthday celebrations are over and life will maybe go back to some semblance of normal (as normal as it can be with a 1 year old and being in first trimester). So I will be back to normal witty self soon.

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