A year of Ian

Today a year ago at this time I was pushing my way in to parent hood. Man what a difference a year makes. I sometimes miss the wailing new born who I could lay down somewhere and do something with out worrying what he would be getting into.

New Ian
I don’t have that chance any more. Today I can’t turn my back with out either a shadow or with out returning to a mess of trouble(he is already trying to blame the dog).

Who is this He is so full of joy, love and just a little bit of trouble, I would not have him any other way. He is going to make an amazing big brother and friend. I amazed at how much he has changed in just a year, heck how much he changes from day to day.

Does the wow factor ever wear off Mama’s(I hope not)? Becoming a parent is one of the coolest, greatest gifts ever given to me. Now that we have survived the first year, I hope that I don’t screw him up too much in the coming years. To check out the highlights of Ian’s First Year be sure to visit here.

Happy Birthday Ian!


Can’t wait to see what the next year has in store for us as we take Ian from a tiny babe to a bouncing unstoppable boy.

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