Casey’s Challenge

When I was pregnant with Ian, Casey got it in his head that he would start working out. After a couple of weeks of working out and asked me how much I had gained so far? I looked at him and said why does that matter, he looked at me an answered, ” I have decided to lose a pound for every pound you gain”. My jaw dropped and then I laughed until it hurt. I thought you go ahead and try, no way you will every complete that.  He surprised the heck out of me and did complete the task at hand. Well I got the last, as I was losing all my baby weight he was gaining back the 30lbs he lost. So while walking this afternoon, to get out of the house and help get rid of cabin fever. Casey announced that he was restarting the Casey baby weight challenge. I turned to him and said good luck.

So it has started, Casey is all about losing weight and get back in shape and I support that. I hope that this time he doesn’t stop working out when the new baby is born. Even though the reason he stopped in the first place is when we moved we lost the free gym, and now we have a gym again.

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