I don’t make resolutions, they never work out. I stopped making them in Jr. High, on the NYE wear my Daddy introduced me and Lou to Champagne, I still don’t Champagne but Lou loved it. Wonder if she still does (Lou do you?). Well then I tried goals and they are the same as resolutions, you still fail at them most of the time. So with all that 2010 brings, I am will be setting myself so Un-Goals. Being that if I don’t meet them it isn’t a big deal, but if I do it is great. So I bet by now you are you are wanting me to shut up and tell us what your Un-Goals.

  • Blog on a more frequent basis 
  • Make those post about substance and interacting with my reader
  • Be the wife I have the potential to be
  • Be the best mother I can be. 
  • Spend more time enjoying life

I will elaborate more on each of theses Un-Goals in there own post, to explain why I choose the specific Un-Goals. Now what are your Un-Goals?

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