What to Do?

I had an amazing OB with Ian. I would totally use her again if I could, but shortly after Ian was born I got that dreaded letter. The one that says she is leaving the practice  and moving to East Texas to get married. I remember when I got that letter, crying. Who was I supposed to deliver my next baby? What did you do when your OB breaks up with you? She was an empowering doctor, she was willing to take the time to answer all my questions and she was very much about making sure I got the birth experience I wanted. I was lucky to in finding such an awesome OB, I mean I lucked into her. I picked her off the listed of approved docs shortly after Casey and I got married. So now I am drowning in a list of names to choose from, I know I could get a rec. from a friend but none of my friends live in the same area as I. Well J does but Casey is uncomfortable with that idea. So I am left basically flying blind on finding a doctor, wish me luck.  

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*Edit: I will be going to the doctor on Jan 20 (yes Ian’s first birthday), they will be doing an ultrasound and all the other jazz. This is the doctor I ended up choosing. More on her after my first visit.

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