A Blogger’s Worth

This is a hot topic within the blogging community, many people have many different points of view. The view that I have always had about blogging is that you should blog for you first and everyone else second. If someone doesn’t care for what you have to say they don’t to read it. I have been blogging for five years total just a year on “When did I go from a kid to a grown up?”, but never once have I strayed from my motto of blogging for me. I blog about life (uncensored), I do an occasionally review, I figure I have stepped on a few toes but in the end I was true to me. Which is my goal in life to always be true to myself.

Blissdom Conference ~ Nashville ~ February 4-6 2010

Attending Blissdom ’10 would help me stay true to these goals on many levels. The first would be letting me finally meeting a large number of my Blogging Sisters (Blissdom ’10 would be my first blog conference). Learning new techniques to incorporate within my blog.  To lift up my blogging sisters and their future blog goals and to help them in the ways that I am able to achieve them.  A blog is only successful when the author is true to themselves and by being true their self they are then true to their readers. 

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If you would like to help me attend Blissdom ’10 please feel free to contact me.

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