When the Phone Rings

Some of the things you never want to hear are, are you sitting down, now don’t panic: cause you know news that you are about to recieve is news you don’t want to hear. That is what happened to me tonight, my step mom called me to tell me that my Daddy had been in a car accident and they were taking him to hospital via ambulance and she was 15 minutes behind him. That was all she really knew and that the guy that had hit him had drove off but had lost a lincense plate and they were trying to track him down. So I raced to find shoes, socks and get out the door leaving Casey in the middle of fixing dinner and Ian in the middle of a meltdown (I think he coudl feel that I was upset). So after what felt like forever but was record time I made it to down town Ft. Worth from Dallas (there was very little traffic suprisingly). To find my dad awake, talking, and about to have some test done. So I went out to the waiting room to sit with my family (my daddy is the oldest of 5 and the only son) while out there my Aunts lovingly picked at me, I got to catch up with a couple of cousins. Once all the test were done they said he was very lucky and could go home, just take it easy and rest. After hearing from my one of my Aunts who drove past it(not realizing it was my Daddy’s Car, he had already been take from the scene) and My stepmom my Daddy is very lucky. If there would have been a passenger they would be dead. Also I would like to thank one of my former classmates mom who was one of the first on the scene, for trying to help my Daddy and in the process breakign her own ankle. To the ASS that hit my Daddy and drove off, I understand accidents happen that I am not upset about (heck I have been in my fair share). It is the driving off that pisses me off, you are one lucky SOB to be in jail because if I had my way I would string you up and let the county see you for the ball less coward that you are. You better be glad my Daddy’s ok, otherwise the wrath of my family would have been painful. Also would it have killed you to at least called for help before you abandoned him alone and out of it in his car?

*To my readers this post is a release of my feelings, so please forgive me for mispellings and such.

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