My Parents

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I love them but sometimes they act like high schoolers (they were married 27 years). I am an only child ( I have 4 step siblings from my Daddy’s second marriage that I think of as siblings) so when they separated when I was in high school, they would vent to me about each other at the time I thought it was cool. Now I wish that they would have found other sources, I know things about my parents that no child should ever know. Today’s rant is brought to you because of Christmas, my mom wants to talk to my Daddy about what he is doing for Ian for Christmas, but instead of calling each other they want me to be their go between (also I don’t want to know what you are getting  Ian, I want to be surprised also). I am NOT their go between, I have told them multiply times that I am not their go between but they keep trying. They are both equal guilty of this, I am tired of it though. I am in my twenties, married and a parent myself, I no longer have time to deal with their issues with each other. I need to be the best parent and wife I can be and dealing with the drama that the two of them cause me because of the insecurities, anger, and other feelings they feel about the other is not my responsibility. The jealously that they feel towards the other is in their damn minds I am tired of justifying every little thing I do with one parent with out the other parent reacting. I love them but it is time for them to stop using me as a sounding board about the other, I want to live my life in the here and now, not constantly rehashing the past or defending my actions. 

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