Stargate Universe

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I waited to post on Stargate Universe, til it had been on awhile I didn’t want to jump the gun. At first I was upset at SyFy for the gross misrepresentation in the ads for Stargate Universe  that Lou Diamond Philips was a main character on the ship. I wouldn’t call him a main character at all more a reoccurring character. I would have to say my favorite is Eli and how he isn’t at all what you would expect on a show like Stargate Universe. His lack of military training, quirkiness, and so own. He reminds alot of a mixture of all my really good friends.

Overall I enjoy the show, I like that this is a almost complete new spin on the original idea. If you liked Stargate SG-1 or Atlantis you should check out Stargare Universe.

There is only one thing I really don’t like and it isn’t anyone’s fault one of the characters reminds me of one of my ex’s it is characters mannerisms and other things.

So go check it out and enjoy, even if you haven’t watched the other shows you won’t be lost.

*image from the stargate website

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