What a week…

Last week was one of those weeks were I have felt behind from the start. The time change threw us for a loop, Monday Ian woke up so early, and then not matter how I tried nothing was accomplished. Tuesday rinse and repeat Monday, Wednesday on the other hand was even more crazy then the previous days. I woke up knowing that Ian had his 9 month check up in Allen in the afternoon, Kari was coming with us and I needed to take back all of our old boxes back to Verizon Fios. Sadly our new place is not set up for Fios and I loved Fios. I then drove all the way up to Allen to find out the Ian’s check up was the next day. I then decided since I was up there I would shop for a few things I needed. Well I got all wrapped up in shopping and lost track of time and I was supposed to make dinner for the Jenny. So I called a apologized and promised an amazing dinner the next night. Thursday was by far the craziest day of the week, Ian and I were go go go from the time he got up to the time he went to bed. As soon as he got up we had to go to Target to get the ingredients to make the amazing dinner I had promised to Jenny. Then it was home for Ian to take a short nap so that I could shower before we ran out the door to get to Lauren and Peanut’s house for a playdate before Ian’s nine month check up. After a quick playdate we were off to see Dr. Cook, to find out how Ian is a happy quirky Baby, who is going to be trouble since while we were there he went Mama na. After a good check up we were off to the Fios store to return the boxes I had forgot to return the day before. Then home to make Mushroom Eggplant Parmesan for Jenny, I winged my way through it and she said it was good. 

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And that was just Monday-Thursday, look for our fast paced weekend in a different post.

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