Don’t Bank With Wells Fargo.

Wells Fargo are liars. My husband received a check from the title company after the sale of his late mothers estate, I understand with a a large amount that Wells Fargo will hold the funds. The reason Wells Fargo are liars is, when Casey deposited it in our bank account, Wells Fargo told him that half the funds would be available after TWO businesses day. I understand that it was a large amount of money and wells Fargo wants to make sure it is real. That is not what is making me call Wells Fargo liars, it is the fact that after telling my husband TWO business days when I checked our account today and looked it won’t be available for four business days or 6 days and the second half won’t be available for ten days after it was deposited. So if you are bank shopping DO NOT GO WITH WELLS FARGO.

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