Talking Back…

I had another post ready to go and post but that went out the door when I watched a vlog on talking back to adults, I thought yay something about how others handle their children talking back. Boy was I wrong it tool a completely different turn, it turned out to be about strangers. I was talking to my dad about this subject not that long ago, we were talking about how he handle this subject with me. I know you are all think you should remember it had to do with you, but I want to hear his philosophy. when we were first having this discussion I remember thinking with him being a police officer that he would be over protective, because he sees so many bad things on a daily bases. Boy was I wrong, he was the opposite. His view is that young children shouldn’t be taught to fear speaking to anyone, that it is the job of the parent to be their protector. I also agree with him that when you teach a child to be friendly and out going when they are younger is easier then trying to pull a child out of their shell when they are older.

That isn’t what upset me though on the video, one of the moms on the video said that Respect had gone out of fashion. I disagree, that is the wrong attitude to have. That is the attitude that is making teachers, caregivers, and so on jobs so difficult today. I was raised to give everyone respect no matter who they are, that respect is not earned it is given. It can be lost, but it can be earned back. People telling there children that people have to earn respect is the wrong attitude to have, but that attitude would be better then what I am seeing out there today. I am including the vlog for you to watch and leave your opinion.

9 Replies to “Talking Back…”

  1. I most definitely agree with you, the idea of respect being out of fashion is a big WTF?!? for me. I mean, seriously? No, I was raised in a family where the elders are taught respect. Do I always follow this? No, my grandmama and I have tiffs and I "sass" her, but only when I feel strongly about something (as in her bugging the shit out of me to get G something to eat just because I grabbed an apple or what not when he doesn't want anything). Children need to be taught to respect people, other children and adults alike, and it starts by teaching them that they can stand up for themselves if they are in danger or are being treated meanly, but otherwise you can't go around telling the world to back the f up, they're in your personal space. Teach them to step back a bit, but, to actually sass an adult just trying to talk to you? Hells to the no. God, this makes me wary of having kids….so many issues to deal with! Ian is going to be raised right, thank God.


  2. Saying respect has gone out of fashion simply sounds better than saying, "I'm a lazy parent." I totally agree with you. MN is particularly bad with parents not teaching their children respect, and it just kills me to see how children behave nowadays and how their parents defend it!


  3. After talking with fellow Mom and Blogger Nessa, I agree with her that all of the moms in this are from the North and manners/respect are more important here in the south.


  4. I was raised to respect everyone and treat people the way I would want to be treated. I may not do that now but that's how I was raised. 😉 It seems like kids these days are little shits. RESPECT YOUR ELDERS!


  5. Well, I told you what I think. I seriously wonder if views on this subject vary based on where you are raised? Think about this, that sweet old couple who we were talking to this afternoon. Should we have freaked out because they were talking to Ian and the three of us? Maybe we should start slugging all kindly strangers?I agree that you need to teach your kids to be safe and common sense of course, but if a stranger simply says "How are you today?' to one of my kids, I darn well expect my kids to answer.Okay, off my soapbox now.


  6. Hey I was thrilled meeting you yesterday. What fun I had. Thanks for all your kindness. I am always willing to babysit just send your lil dear my way!!!! LOLSo cute!Pop over and visit when you can.


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