To-Do Tuesday 3

Crazy Adventures in Parenting To-Do Tuesday

It is that time again for my list, I want to thank Lisa for having the great idea to host this every week. It is nice to have other people out there encouraging you to tackle your to-do list. I am going to break my to do list in to two parts one that is getting my home back together related and the other being the more regular to do list. Wow I just looked back at my other two list and I am doing quiet well.

Get with it list:
Continue Christmas Shopping
Attack the pile of laundry (ignoring it is not making it smaller)
Make a grocery list/ meal planning (our cupboards are bare)
`Make The Bradford’s dinnet on Wednesday
House List:
Get Sunroom completely set up by Fri. 
Get pictures up 
get all boxes in living room in proper place
See Ya Next Week!

9 Replies to “To-Do Tuesday 3”

  1. Good luck with all of this! We still have things scattered about the house like no other. And I don't know how to use our washer….G liked it so much he has been enjoying doing laundry (our washer and dryer play a little tune when they start and finish) and I don't know how it works!


  2. Great list!! Kick butt, girl! 🙂 You can do eeeeet *grin*I'm a dork. A sick dork. Don't mind me. Off to bed I go.


  3. i've tried ignoring the laundry also….. sooo are ya gonna post pics of the new place when you are all done unpacking? would love to see it!!


  4. At least you've started your Christmas shopping!Sounds like a good list; I hope you are able to cross a lot off. I definitely find posting it makes me more accountable (although this week I am too behind to even find the stuff for the list)!


  5. Oh can't wait to see pictures of your sunroom. I love my sunroom! I spend lots of time in it. It's my favorite room in the house!


  6. Hey Girl!Were you writing my TDL!!LOLI can't believe x-mas is almost here!WOW!!!!


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