Been M.I.A.

I want to first say that I am so sorry that I haven’t been blogging like I should the past  week, but moving will do that to the best blogger. If I am a reader and normally great commenter on your blog I want to say that I am very behind and what I have been reading is from my Blackberry which makes commenting not very easy.  I should be back to my old over commenting self soon. On the subject of comments I always feel stupid commenting on certain blogger’s blogs. Not because I don’t have something I would like to say, it is they receive so many comments does my one comment matter, I might saying the same things as numerous other people. Does the writer of the blog really care to read what I have to say? Enough whining here about comments.

The past week, has been chaos I still feel as if I am drowning in a sea of cardboard boxes. Our new place is nice now that we got the one big problem fixed when we moved in the dishwasher would not drain and the the office kept giving us the run around when we asked what was going on. They should have just told us the truth that they were waiting for the new one to get here when we moved in, instead of giving us lame excuses. We now have a brand new dishwasher and it is nice. I feel as if not matter how much I unpack it seems that when I turn around there are more boxes.

Ian has taken to our new move better then I ever expected. He is in love with our new place and everything being on one floor. I am constantly watching him take toys back and forth between his room, living room and his play room. He loves being able to go anywhere he choose out side of the kitchen FootFoot’s food is down in there so we have it gated off. 

I promise I will try to be a better blogger and commenter now that our move is complete.  I guess at the moment I have rambled enough.

9 Replies to “Been M.I.A.”

  1. Moves are craziness! And personally I love getting comments from you! (Maybe because I have a lot of guests who don't?) I think the same thing though when I comment on a blog that gets hundreds, but eh, they either read them or they don't, but if I enjoy something I comment.


  2. Glad you got moved and got a new dishwasher! I know it sucks to have everything disorganized – I hope you get it all done soon. I know I'm not one of the people you are talking about getting lots of comments, but I just wanted to say I really appreciate getting comments from you!


  3. glad you are happy with the new place…… and Thank God the dishwasher was replaced!!! missed you, and i am sure everyone loves your comments, i know i do!!xoxo


  4. You are forgiven! I'm so over the cardboard box nightmare I am currently living in so I totally feel your pain.


  5. You've said it before yourself! Comments are a bloggers payday. 🙂 I don't always leave comments but I love it when people leave me comments. It makes me know that people actually do read about my silly life!


  6. I know for me, all comments are valued. It don't matter who it's from or when, but I love the comments even if they present a view different than my own.


  7. We moved two years ago, and are still not completely unpacked. You will get there. It's tough. I go through blogging phases where I go all week without posting, and others where I want to post five times a day. I think we all go through it from time to time. I read a lot of blogs on my BlackBerry too, and I agree- it's hard to comment. I see things I want to comment on when I get home and I forget to go back. Anyhow… hope you're having a good weekend. 🙂


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