This and That

I am ready for lots of stress this weekend will bring, but I am not ready for the arguments that will come because of the stress. Casey and I both get short fuses when we are under stress, I know that Saturday will be a tough day especially with all the time constraints we will be under. No we don’t have to turn our keys in until the 31st, but other appointments that have us at one or the other places for multiply hours at a time. Then there is the process of unpacking and getting our new place set up.

Enough about moving; Ian had his first play date today and I think he had fun with Mommy is Rock and Roll’s Peanut. He was so tired this evening after his afternoon of trying to tackle her when he wasn’t ignoring her to go check on FootFoot. She was locked away so that the babes could play with out her nose in there business. I want to say that I want to eat Peanut she is too cute, sweet and full of sass. Before her mama knows it she will be a walking. talking ball of fire. While playing Ian gave his first high five to Lauren when she ask and it was to cute.

Also Congrats to J and C of a Family is us on their healthy happy baby.

6 Replies to “This and That”

  1. I hope packing and moving goes well for you. Take advantage of the moving process to rearrange and purge… if their is time 😉


  2. The joys of moving, huh? I hope it goes more smoothly than expected and that the short fuses are limited to just some snips here and there. ^.~


  3. I actually enjoy the newness that comes with moving, but we moved a lot when I was a kid. However, I HATE the packing and unpacking!Hopefully you'll be settled in your new place soon.Lisa@All That and a Box of Rocks


  4. Good luck with the move! You know how much I've moved in the past 8 months – I know how terrible it is! I hope it goes quickly and smoothly for you 🙂


  5. I hear you on the moving brings out arguing more. We've been dealing with a leak (due to torrential raining), a dishwasher that wasn't installed properly, so it falls forward it you try and pull the top rack out, and just other little annoyances. Thank God our seller's people have been more than happy to help us out, or G might be dead. Just sayin'.


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