9 Months of Ian

 I can’t believe that 9 months ago today at this time I was asleep in a hospital bed blissfully unaware of the on goings around me do to the awesomeness that is an epidural. If you would have asked me that day if I thought 9 months later that I would be ready to pregnant again, imagine my son would be such a ham, and that I would be in the middle of moving? I would have answered NO NO NO, and then another NO for good measure. Well I be darned if I am not all of those things and more. I am amazed everyday by the crazy things my son does or his constant need to me telling me something by going mamamamama and when I say yes Ian he answers by going dada diiiiiiiiiiiii. I am in love with him more and more everyday, I love the fact that I get to stay home with him. I know that Casey and I have had to make sacrifices for that to be possible but I wouldn’t trade the chance to see him grow and change for anything. My little dude can crawl as fast as I can run when he really wants something, he can cruise like it is nobodies business and when not paying attention even take a few steps. I am not gonna lie you have given us a few scares like last week when you crawled up the stairs when we weren’t paying attention. Before we knew it you were tumbling down the stairs head over heels and when it was all said and done you laughed like a maniac. Then there is the time you were under the kitchen table and I looked over and it looked like you had cut your eye once I got over their I realized what looked like blood was chocolate, I have know idea how or where you got chocolate  above your eye. You have now been on this the 3rd Rock From The Sun for as long you were in nourished inside my body, the body that you had to be evicted from that you didn’t want to leave 2 weeks past your due date. I have no idea what the coming years is going to bring us but I know that they will be full of joy, fear, and just a few tears.

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Please forgive the lack of picture remember my computer died. 

7 Replies to “9 Months of Ian”

  1. That is an adorable slideshow. Our boys share a love of the same type of paci! Now what's that Yo Baby 3 in 1 meal in the window? My son loves yogurt and we only get the Yo Baby, but I've never seen that 3 in 1 meal thing.


  2. awww, sweet post…. the slide show is a adorable!! it goes by fast, believe me..seems like yesterday that my 16yr old Junior in High School was hanging out in one of those Exersaucer things!!


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