To-Do Tuesday

Crazy Adventures in Parenting To-Do Tuesday

Had the awesome idea of starting her christmas planning list and giving us the skinny about how she plans christmas for her large family and keeping all organized. I have to give her all kind of props, I am going to try her system since this my first Christmas as a parent and it seems more people want to see you around the holidays when you have a baby. On last weeks list I did okay, expect  I didn’t get to the bathrooms (shame on me).  On the packing front we are making head way but no where near finished. Well wish me luck with this weeks list.

         To Do Tuesday:
  • Cont. Packing
  •  Clean the Bathroom’s
  • Start Planning Christmas
  • Work Out*
  • Plan Meals**
  • Spend Less Time Worrying
*I really didn’t have any problem losing the baby weight, don’t ask me how are why. I need to start toning up, so that my clothes will fit better.
** I need to use the food in our freezer before the move.

6 Replies to “To-Do Tuesday”

  1. Lists rock!Good luck with all your to dos. I need to be cooking as well. I have some fruit that either needs to be baked with or frozen. Unfortunately I am greatly lacing in motivation.


  2. planning christmas is ending up on all list of organized homemakers glad to see it is on yours as well


  3. OMG, I am so majorly behind, but so grateful to fall asleep so early last night and SLEEP! OMG Sleep! AHHH!! SO, my list is up for this week, albeit WAY LATE! I'm so glad you're on board with starting a list early! 🙂 I love the pictures here, you are so adorable!


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